Simplify data processing

Scale your data infrastructure and aggregate clinical, claims and financial data.

XEngine Server

The business importance of information and the move to pay-for-value creates enormous HIT challenges. Technology now must deliver information at specific points in the continuum of care and interact with a variety of existing information systems, such as electronic health records. These past separate streams of clinical, claims, and financial data must now become consolidated transactions streams. A unified gateway is required to deliver process interoperability to solve the new growing business tasks.

Our Approach

Edifecs XEngine Server delivers interoperability in an integrated healthcare “smart” pipe. Ingest, validate, transform, and consolidate siloes of data seamlessly from any connection point or in any format then logically share this data. Moving the logic to the pipe one can leverage the front-end to achieve flexibility, cost-efficiency, and quicker time to market and experimentation.


Integrate data and manage performance

Achieve high-speed, high-quality process interoperability by integrating clinical and administrative data into a unified front-end system.

  • Detect and notify message backlogs, peak loads, low volumes by partner, time period, and more.
  • Automate management of control functions including flow management, distributed server manager, batch splitters, balance counters and metering.
  • Catch errors early using in-line validation of inbound and outbound transactions to prevent failures in downstream systems.
  • Detect black-hole syndrome in multi-step processes to ensure process completeness and prevent costly rework.
  • Monitor for non-events, for example, patterns that indicate activity outside the expected minimum or maximum range.
  • Utilize configuration artifacts stored in the cloud directly from your run-time business flow.

Validate data and achieve compliance

Protect back-end systems from erroneous data while ensuring compliance with healthcare mandates, state regulations and enterprise guidelines.

  • Customize or relax conformance checks using pre-built WEDI SNIP Types 1-7 edits and configurable rules.
  • Validate data elements against more than 60 clinical and non-clinical code sets, updated monthly.
  • Utilize full validation support for ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnostic (CM) and procedure (PCS) codes.
  • Monitor processing throughput to comply with CAQH CORE response times.
  • Meet state regulations for prompt pay laws by preventing bad transactions from causing full-file rejections.

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

Automate message processing and routing rules to reliably deliver clean data. Identify and track problematic behavior to quickly resolve issues.

  • Improve first-pass rates by implementing pre-adjudication edits at the edge of the enterprise.
  • Reduce cost to detect and resolve issues using pre-built reports, drill through and data viewers.
  • Proactively manage potential issues with customizable alerts and notifications about system performance, event and SLA metrics.
  • Reduce redundancies and costs by consolidating disparate channels into a single, unified front-end system.
  • Use rich scheduling (clock, event or record count) to manage process windows, for example, automatically transmit outbound batches.