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Does your team use Edifecs SpecBuilder, the industry’s leader in mapping and translation services?

More healthcare organizations trust the transformation and validation of their message exchange traffic to Edifecs SpecBuilder than any other product. Step up and access the most complete pre-built and up-to-date library of templates available. Then, protect your enterprise applications from malformed data and enable your partners to understand and confidently exchange documents and messages.


Edifecs SpecBuilder. Data interoperability realized.

Reduce the time to define message specifications using point-and-click tools and libraries of pre-built components.

  • Translate message formats and build connections using over 30,000 templates that are updated monthly
  • Select from templates for industry standards such as EDI X12, HIPAA 5010, NCPDP, HL7, XML and delimited formats
  • Quickly perform gap analysis and automate migration between guideline versions
  • Reverse engineer specifications from data files
  • Use functions, query databases and invoke programs to enrich messages, validate data and create multi-step processes

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Edifecs SpecBuilder. Data governance and validation.

Reduce costs by validating data elements, translating code sets and ensuring data quality before submission to enterprise applications.

  • Create and maintain code correlation tables to provide runtime validation and transformation between code sets
  • Validate against more than 60 industry data sets including capability to manage guideline versions by effective date and end date
  • Relax compliance requirements for non-material data elements to streamline processing and increase automation and first-pass rates
  • Eliminate the need for external editors and increase productivity by enabling browsing using the Integrated Data Explorer in SpecBuilder
  • De-identify data to protect personal health information and comply with HIPAA privacy and security guidelines

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Edifecs SpecBuilder. Partner artifacts management.

Rapidly build communities, accelerate onboarding and improve partner satisfaction.

  • Store and manage artifacts in a common project repository including guidelines, maps, test data and documentation
  • Define and test transactions on the desktop before deploying to production environments
  • Publish documentation, data and specifications in multiple formats including MS Office, HTLM, PDF, etc. Comply with companion guide publishing formats from CAQH CORE Operating Rules and DISA X12
  • Speed up root cause identification and categorize errors using pre-built business and technical reports for WEDI SNIP types
  • Use pivot reports to analyze large data files and pinpoint problematic data: abnormal values; patterns of distribution of requests across trading partners; potentially fraudulent transactions

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