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Smart Trading Solutions

Healthcare is growing exponentially in volume, velocity and variety adding trading complexities and risks for accelerating key value-based initiatives. Smart Trading ensures data delivery, provides fast and reliable data processing, and delivers user-friendly authoring tools that save time and money during your HIPAA development and production cycle.

Our Approach

At the foundation of every post-reform healthcare initiative is the need to connect partners and exchange clinical documents, claims, pharmaceutical usage and other administrative data.

We have built a framework to harness all available data into meaningful transactions that drive business initiatives and enable administrative automation. By adding logic “on-the-wire” data metrics become transparent and actionable.

Our Products

Industry leading healthcare run-time interoperability engine

XEngine Server delivers unmatched quality, performance and throughput for transaction processing.

  • Minimizes processing delays, reduces integration challenges and increases first-pass rates.
  • In-stream processing allows transactions to be validated against standards (HIPAA/EDI, HL7, NCPDP, etc.).
  • Enriched through data lookups, code set verification (ICD-10), and business rules increase the integrity of partner exchange.
  • Run-time configuration integration through the Smart Trading Cloud Repository.

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Use the gold standard in design-time tools

Edifecs SpecBuilder is simple and easy to use with a library of over 30,000 specifications (HIPAA 5010, EDIFACT, HL7, CCD).

  • Author, validate and publish specifications including out of the box support for WEDI SNIP levels 1-7.
  • Relax or tighten business rules using the integrated environment to test specifications and publish automatically.
  • Build a foundation for data liquidity for all lines of business and multiple downstream applications.
  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of connecting and exchanging data.

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Industry's leading visibility solution

Gain new insight into encounters, episodes of care and claims in one integrated, time-sequenced view.

  • Understand the context of the event and message to make an informed decision.
  • Partner interactions are correlated to organize related messages, deliver trend reports and rich search functions – including keyword searches.
  • Reduce hours of research to minutes with multipurpose dashboard.

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Innovative cross-enterprise claims attachment solution

This solution is able to collect medical documentation across all communication channels and intelligently route them to existing back-end systems.

  • Support for "safe harbor" 277/275 EDI transactions and future standards (FHIR).
  • Ensuring operational efficiency through end-to-end tracking and transparency.
  • Drive provider adoption with multiple low cost avenues for file exchange.
  • Visibility and clarity into cross-enterprise medical attachment workflows.

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