Save time with simplified testing process

Partner onboarding and testing with partners with mutual confidence with a collaborative testing framework.

Enterprise Testing

Onboarding new trading partners has always been a time consuming and resource intensive process. At the same time, payers and providers have long resisted sharing sensitive information. The technical, operational, and financial risks associated with recent and upcoming mandates demand predictable interaction between trading partners and payers. For that reason payer and providers should agree on external and bilateral testing program that can be shared by all members to balance collaboration and confidentiality.

Our Approach

Edifecs Enterprise Testing solutions encompasses both internal testing within payer organizations and external testing between payer and provider. Enterprise Testing allows for large scale automation, volume data generation, and the de-identification of large data sets since it builds upon the Test Management platform.

Enterprise testing’s Collaborative Testing platform offers step by step self-guided programs for partner onboarding and testing with external entities for various mandates and compliance.


Internal testing solution

This internal testing solutions leverages the organization’s data and enables participation of both IT and business users in testing to create a reusable test bed that lays the foundation for significant saving in testing effort and gain in testing accuracy.

  • Large scale test data repository, volume data generation, and the de-identification of data sets.
  • Enables high-quality, enterprise-wide testing for mandates, conversions, and migrations.
  • Testing portal enables full testing participation, project oversight, and self-service.
  • Deliver de-identified, PHI-free claims for testing in local and downstream systems.
  • Integrates with Impact Analytics that transform data into a strategic asset.

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External testing solution

Edifecs Collaborative Testing is a proven external testing solution providing an effective community-based online platform. The solution accelerates onboarding new testing partners such as providers and clearinghouses, and offers capabilities to increase collaboration to improve testing effectiveness and completeness by using real life data to quantify risk and readiness when implementing mandates and new benefit programs.

  • Step-by-step self-guided programs for onboarding new partners.
  • End-to-end processing of claims, pre-auth and eligibility transaction using real life data from partners.
  • Jump start the testing process 2,700 clinical test scenarios.
  • Validation of partner transactions and showcasing the errors beforehand to increase the acceptability of transactions in production.
  • Framework and methodology to manage and monitor programs.
  • Cloud-based model supports all partner types and test stages.

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