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    Leveraging Encounters to Improve Care Quality - A Beginners Guide

    A guide to clearing challenges plaguing encounter submission & clinical ingestion/correlation

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    Smart Modernization of EDI Starts with SpecBuilder

    EDI world is changing rapidly. Mergers, message format changes and large volume of data exchange is adding complexities. Many top EDI solutions providers such as SeeBeyond, JCAPS, Sybase have merged with large corporations that require a full remediation of your solution. These changes are costly and disruptive to you and your trading partners.

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    Maximize SpecBuilder 8.8 Usage with Built-in Analytics

    Here at Edifecs, we know that big part of your work is focused on developing and managing the specifications to successfully exchange EDI transactions with your trading partners. That’s why we continue to relentlessly innovate on our flagship EDI authoring tool – SpecBuilder.

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    Outcomes Measurement For Impact, Cure the DRIP Syndrome

    Learn new strategies for getting the best value out of clinical and administrative data that exists in silos today – or is not yet readily available from value-based partners.

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    Preventing health plan revenue loss through a collaborative group enrollment IT infrastructure

    Improving health plan enrollment operational efficiency and partner retention (thus mitigating revenue loss) requires plans to deploy targeted capabilities that can work within existing plan IT infrastructures.

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    Achieving Business Growth through Revenue Integrity

    The path to revenue integrity begins with acknowledging the fact that encounter submissions are not just a compliance checkbox. They play a crucial role in the revenue cycle for health plans.

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    Smart Modernization - Digital IT Transformation

    The digital transformation of healthcare is disrupting the industry and will require dynamic integration.

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    Risk Adjustment Drive Revenue Integrity

    New market opportunities are flourishing for health plans. Between the advent of the Marketplace, managed Medicaid expansion, increasing Medicare Advantage rosters, and growing Dual Eligible programs, health plans have unprecedented opportunities to expand their market footprint.

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    Value-Based Care Drives Smart Modernization

    Sweeping changes, many driven by government mandates, are rocking the healthcare industry. At the epicenter is the decision by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to implement value-based purchasing. Collaboration is essential for value-based purchasing in healthcare. Investment in an edge-based trading platform is a quid pro quo for competing in the emerging healthcare marketplace in order to deliver the requisite value to all the stakeholders and customers.

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    Edifecs Enrollment Management

    The cost of achieving service excellence has left many health plans wondering if they have the organizational endurance for the next wave of 2016 open enrollments—on and off the exchange. Here's how we enable Open Enrollment excellence

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