Interoperability Resources

Be ready with Edifecs

  • WB

    Demystifying the CMS Patient Access Rule with the CARIN Alliance: Implementation Best Practices and Q&A

    In this WEDI Webinar, guest speaker Ryan Howells, Principal at Leavitt Partners and key leader in the CARIN Alliance, provides insight into the specifics of the CMS and ONC interoperability final rules and outlines best practices for implementation

  • IG

    8 Essential Steps for Achieving Interoperability

    A checklist to help you track your progress on the road to interoperability.

  • IG

    CMS’ Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule Implementation Timeline

    Keep track of the requirements and deadlines outlined in the final rule with this infographic.

  • EB

    FAQs about the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule

    Answering common questions about the final rule and its implications on healthcare organizations.

  • EB

    Breaking Down CMS’ Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule

    Understanding the requirements of the final rule and the implications it has for healthcare organizations.

  • SB

    Interoperability Solution with FHIR

    A simplified approach to meeting compliance with the CMS Interoperability & Patient Access Final Rule and the ONC 21st Century CURES Act Final Rule.

  • WP

    Meeting Interoperability Requirements: The Healthcare Market’s Biggest Concerns

    A study of the healthcare market's response to the proposed interoperability rule and what the final rule means for organizations.

  • WB

    So What’s Next?: The CMS Final Rule is out- Key Provisions and Where Do We Go From Here

    This webinar summarizes everything you need to know about the CMS and ONC final rules on interoperability, including how to plan for the deadlines.