Here at Edifecs India, our work is more than just a job. It is our passion. We are passionate about helping our customers succeed because when they do healthcare improves. Better healthcare means a better future for everyone. Who wouldn’t be passionate about that?

India is a primary source of engineering and technical talent for Edifecs. As such, we are proud to offer rewarding career paths, world-class office space, and award-winning benefits for our associates.

About Our India Team

Established in 2010, our India office has proven capabilities in product development, implementation services, cloud/SaaS operations, and managed and support services. We strengthen our global service offering, enrich our solutions, drive growth, and expand our product capabilities. We support Edifecs’ global objectives of optimizing end-to-end patient data exchange. Our solutions derive insights for our healthcare customers so they can better serve their members and patients. India is and will continue to be a highly strategic location for Edifecs.


Our passion shows in everything we do. It’s why we have (repeatedly) received some of India’s most coveted accolades:

Great Place to Work

2019 - 2023

Commitment to being Great Place to Work

Great Mid-size Workplaces

Ranked #38th

Zee Business
Most Trusted Brands of India

Our Benefits

We work in healthcare IT, but that doesn’t mean our work ends there. Here at Edifecs, we believe that to empower our India-based associates to do their best work, we need to support them in every facet of their life so we offer support for their physical, financial, emotional, social, and career wellbeing. And these benefits extend to our associate’s families too.

We offer financial counseling, wellbeing support, onsite healthcare and screening, and a wide array of virtual classes including meditation, yoga, core breathing, nutrition, strength training, and more. Most importantly, we work to take care of every aspect of our associate’s wellbeing and we extend these offerings to their families as well.

Associate Health

  • Insurance plans – Best-in-class medical, accident, and term life
  • Preventive health check-ups & on-call physicians
  • Healthy food and beverages
  • Employee assistance program – Mitr
  • Multiple wellbeing services including massages, physiotherapy, gym, Zumba, meditation, yoga, and sound therapies
  • Edifecs Care Support Network (ECSN) to support associates and families during medical emergencies
  • Educational seminars on health and mental wellbeing
Two men doing yoga

Financial Success

  • Bring Your Buddy (BYB) Referral Bonus
  • PF and NPS
  • Educational seminars on financial literacy
Young couple meeting with financial planner

Social Wellbeing

  • Fun hour and team-building activities
  • Collaborative space and a recreational room
  • Rewards and recognition – a celebration of milestones and accomplishments
  • Time off including – paid leave, holidays, volunteer time off, and new parent leave
Group of employees eating together

Work from Where You Are: Highly Productive Edifecs

Here at Edifecs, we have adopted a new work model, “Highly Productive Edifecs” (HPE). This model empowers Edifecs employees to work from wherever they feel most productive. HPE is designed to eliminate the stress of commutes, finding time to go to the doctor, and picking up kids from school. It helps our associates truly achieve work/life harmony.

Diversity and Inclusion: We Are in AWE

Alliance for Women of Edifecs Logo

In 2021, we launched a women’s affinity group, the Alliance for the Women of Edifecs (AWE) to support women in their careers. With over 100 members, the group is comprised of both men and women and features highly popular quarterly sessions available to all associates designed to help us all work together to understand how we can better support one another. But we don’t stop there. We offer:

Paternity Leave: Men as Allies: Empower!

As part of our commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce, we strive to create a work environment that supports all associates and their families. Edifecs offers 91 days of paternity leave following childbirth for all male associates.
Newborn baby hand holding a parents finger

Creating a Safe Place at Work

Edifecs provides a safe place at work for all associates of all genders and this is why our POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) policy is gender neutral. This approach is well integrated into the associate life cycle and regular training sessions are conducted for their awareness and knowledge.
Man presenting in front of group

Break the Bias

As part of our commitment to DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) at Edifecs, we offer regular micro-inequities focusing on uncovering and examining our unconscious biases.
Woman holding inspirational sign

Self-Defense Training

We offer self-defense training sessions annually for all associates to equip our associates to protect themselves. This training is conducted by experts in the field of Krav Maga, an effective and renowned real-world self-defense fighting style for dangerous and unexpected situations.
Self Defense Class


Edifecs is committed to building a better world and meaningful life by creating a positive impact andextending help to different communities. Our CSR program “Pehal” embodies our program’s mission statement and aims to create wellbeing for every individual and every community around us, regardless of social or economic status:

Here’s a snapshot of some of our efforts:

  • Set up Digital Community Center (DCC) in 22 villages of Punjab to empower children to define their own learning path and educate themselves using technology. These centers adopt an innovative learning approach that giveschildren the right environment and tools to learn almost anything.  The students are able to interact with educators and experts halfway around the world with a click of a button. DCC also enables children to become changemakers and to create a path of wellbeing for a better Punjab.  So far, we have been able to impact the lives of 780 children and create 19 change-makers of which 18 are women
  • We welcome different NGOs and charitable organizations to visit our office where they set up stalls sharing the wears for our associates
  • Support the Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHGs) to create a new generation of financially empowered women in the villages of Punjab
  • We co-sponsor tri-city marathons that promote and support different social causes like “Run Against Drug Abuse”, “Promote a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle”, “Run for Wellness”, “Go For It – Run For a Better Future”, TANDRUST Punjab” etc. More than 50 associates participate in such events annually
  • Volunteer day: Associates at Edifecs are entitled to one day off to support volunteer activities that enhance and serve India’s communities
  • Crisis response: Edifecs hosted a COVID-19 Relief Initiative where our associates donated a day or more of their salary resulting in:
    • Ration packs (two-week supply for a family of 5): 18603
    • Beneficiaries: 58,931
    • Villages reached: 407
    • Ration distributed: 231,095 Kgs

Career or Calling? For us, it’s both!

Our work is our passion. We are passionate about helping our customers succeed because our customers’ success is a win for healthcare. Better healthcare means a better future for everyone. Want to help us build a better future? Check out our job listings below.

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