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Our customers lead the industry using Edifecs software—to manage healthcare coverage for more than 200 million people in the US

  • "Edifecs offers a strong line of software solutions that enable intelligence, automation and regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry. Edifecs supports the partner channel with industry expertise, technical enablement, and an open mind to work in the best interest of our customers"
    Amir Desai, Chief Information Officer


    Xerox Business Services

  • “Edifecs' ability to work with payers, providers, industry groups and other stakeholders together to discuss challenges facing the healthcare industry outshines them from the rest of the competition. I feel confident that Edifecs and CNSi will help create innovative solutions that help solve the challenges in the healthcare industry”
    Jay Majmudar Sr. Vice President

Partner Benefits


Reduce your time to market

Configurable products accelerate program delivery and reduce the time to meet changing business requirements. Edifecs Smart Trading solution is a mature, yet flexible, foundation for digital interoperability.


Increase your profit margin

Edifecs doesn’t require the same level of investment as competing solutions. Our transparent pricing increases confidence and you’ll keep more of your hard-earned dollars.


Expand your market through partnerships

If you need to reach deeper into health plans or strengthen your solution offerings, we can help. Edifecs has more than 15 years of experience working with the top healthcare organizations in the country.


Equip Your Teams

Sometimes you need a partner to fill a capabilities gap in a procurement cycle. Other times, you need to build capability and grow skills with a technology. Edifecs makes enablement easy with sales tools and customized training for services to give all of your team confidence in the solution.

Meet Us at Industry Events

Our industry association partners keep us abreast us of emerging standards, thinking and best practices. Join us and our association partners at events throughout the year to network and learn together.

  • "When it comes to meeting federal mandates, the healthcare industry holds CMS to a higher standard. Given the sheer number of providers and rapidly increasing volume of transactions we support in any given year, it was important to select a proven solution with exceptional reliability and scalability. Edifecs was a natural choice for us."


  • “Over the past few years, we've laid the foundation for advanced data storage, expedited information processing and improved job precision. Edifecs Solutions have helped increasing performance, while actually enhancing accuracy. We have moved light years ahead in service efficiency.”

    BCBS Kansas City

  • "Centene prides itself on unfailing service and flawless technology, and we expect the same of our technology partners. Edifecs has provided not only a high degree of industry expertise and superior technology, but also an amazing willingness to listen and work with us even before the contract was signed to ensure we had the optimum solution."


  • "MultiPlan has more than 300 trading partners and multiple EDI platforms as a result of merger activity. Effectively managing the testing activity and demonstrating mandate compliance across such a complex ecosystem would have been incredibly difficult, if not impossible, without Edifecs. It simplifies our partners’ workflow and provides unparalleled visibility into where each of them stand with their testing and compliance activities."


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