We believe IT has the power to transform healthcare

Women in Healthcare

The majority of women make healthcare decisions not only for themselves, but also for their families. Yet women are significantly underrepresented in healthcare IT and in healthcare leadership roles. At Edifecs, we are working to change this. To catalyze change so that an industry with women at its core, elevates women to a position to make and drive the decisions that impact both them and their families.


We’ve started a series of meet-ups at industry events, #HersMeetUp, to build connections and advocate women in the healthcare industry. These are not just networking events, but an opportunity for women to come together and find support and mentorship. These meet-ups are a forum to pose tough career questions, share challenges and seek advice and perspective from women of all levels. We are creating connections and building a community to stand together, stronger

Women in Healthcare

Diversity Matters

At Edifecs, we focus on innovation. We understand that diversity fosters creativity.  We value differing perspectives as they broaden our toolset of innovation. Further, it’s been documented that companies with women in the c-suite significantly out-perform male-only companies. Researches have tied revenue gains to an increased amount of female employees.  Another study indicates that companies with female leaders and board-members have fewer scandals related to governance such as bribery, corruption fraud and shareholder feuds.*


We have a team dedicated to understanding how to make Edifecs a destination for female talent. Further, we are incentivizing employees and attending women in IT events to ensure we are connecting with and attracting the best female talent available.

Women’s Health

We don’t just support women in healthcare, we support women’s health.  Through these programs, we have run campaigns to raise money for BrightPink.org. Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization focused on prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.