We believe IT has the power to transform healthcare

Who is Edifecs?

Edifecs is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate innovation. We empower healthcare organizations to scale the partnerships required by payment, care delivery and access reform initiatives that are redefining the healthcare industry.

We are disruptors, scientists, data nerds, doctors and artists.
And we believe information technology can revolutionize healthcare.

Our Industry: The Time is Now

The U.S. healthcare market is in the early stages of a radical change that is fundamentally transforming the structure, economics and process of paying for and delivering care. Our industry is being reshaped by initiatives like the Affordable Care Act (ACA), HITECH Act, health insurance exchanges, accountable care organizations (ACOs), high-deductible plans, Medicare Shared Savings Program, bundled payments and capitation.

Massive growth in healthcare data digitization and the need to share that data across many different partners and systems are critical to these initiatives. We build the technology that enables healthcare stakeholders to align themselves and form new partnerships to transform healthcare.


Our Story

Early in his career, Sunny Singh realized that there had to be a way to make tracking and processing of information easier and more accurate. He understood the need for a product that would save man-hours, money and paperwork in processing data. In 1996 he drew $200,000 on his savings and on his credit cards and, working from a small room in his condo in Issaquah, developed and launched Edifecs’ first product – SpecBuilder. When HIPAA was introduced, the code was reworked to include its specifications and demand for SpecBuilder soared.

Today, Edifecs is one of the fastest growing companies in healthcare IT. We are a profitable, debt-free multinational company with over 350 customers serving more than 215 million lives.