We’re working to leave the world a better place than we found it


At Edifecs, we are focused on harvesting a hospitable environment that focuses on sustainability and the wellness of our employees. We are invested in providing the right opportunities for everyone that wants to build a better lifestyle, environmental impact and successful career. As a healthcare IT company, wellness is at the core of our thinking and that is why we have established initiatives to promote the health and happiness with our people. We believe that train of thought extends beyond our industry and into the planet we share and the way we share it. Edifecs aims to lead progression in diversity and inclusion, where women in healthcare IT are being significantly underrepresented, despite their significant impact on healthcare decision making. We are here to shape the healthcare industry in a way that elevates leaders and provides a voice for everyone seeking to drive decisions for themselves and their families.



At Edifecs, we believe wellness extends beyond the healthcare industry to the planet we all share. Since our founding, Edifecs has embraced a green approach to our operations and made conservation a pillar of our culture.

Our sustainability initiatives have earned us several awards including the Best in Biz: Most Environmentally Responsible Company 2016, Seattle Business Magazine’s Community Impact Award for Sustainability in Business Operations and a spot on Washington’s 50 Top Green Companies.

Our Technology

More than $250 billion is wasted in excess administrative healthcare costs
every year. Edifecs deploys solutions that are at the core of the industry’s
efforts to reduce this waste. Healthcare organizations use four billion sheets
of paper annually in billing transactions and payments. If these organizations
adopted Edifecs’ technology, the industry could save more than 216,000
trees annually.

Our Footprint

In July of 2014, Edifecs moved into our new headquarters and retrofitted the facility with a strong emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  Our office is outfitted with low-flow and no-touch plumbing fixtures, and a system that optimizes the HVAC system minimizing waste around the clock.  We have installed Energy Star-rated appliances and electronics and has removed nearly 120 unneeded fluorescent light bulbs.  We also overhauled our offsite datacenter and removed the need to run two eight-ton HVAC units saving almost one-million kilowatts of energy a year.

Our People

We rely on our employees as a daily part of the solution by making recycling and composting organic waste effortless. Through the commitment of our teams, we have been able to increase employee headcount by 10% while reducing our landfill waste by more than 75 percent per year - from 104 cubic yards to less than 25 cubic yards. Our associates recycled 416 cubic yards of plastic, cardboard, paper, tin, metal, glass, batteries, ink cartridges, and packaging last year. And we established a successful composting program which created 154 cubic yards of compost in its first year.

Our Programs

We offer a premier benefits package that includes onsite wellness fairs and free biometric testing, smoking cessation programs, and Health Savings Plans with generous employer contributions. We also sponsor a bi-annual fitness challenges with cash prizes.

Our Facilities

We offer healthy organic snacks, a fresh-squeezed orange juice machine and bikes and kayaks available to borrow. At headquarters, we have an onsite, full service gym and group fitness classes including yoga, dance and circuit training. We also know sitting for prolonged periods of time can poorly impact overall health. That is why all our associates have Herman Miller work stations that electronically raise to standing desks.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Our personal trainer and nutritional counselor is available to help employees tailor work-out regimes and meal plans that are custom designed to suit their life-style and fitness levels.  Massage therapists and an acupuncturist are onsite two-days per week to help employees stay relaxed. Our headquarters is also home to the largest living wall in Puget Sound, with over 220 plants. We have an additional 300 plants in the offices and common areas. All this greenery isn’t just pretty, it increases oxygen levels and draws the tranquility of nature into our space.

Diversity Matters

At Edifecs, we focus on innovation. We understand that diversity fosters creativity.  We value differing perspectives as they broaden our toolset of innovation. Further, it’s been documented that companies with women in the c-suite significantly out-perform male-only companies. Researches have tied revenue gains to an increased amount of female employees.  Another study indicates that companies with female leaders and board-members have fewer scandals related to governance such as bribery, corruption fraud and shareholder feuds.

Women in HIT

The majority of women make healthcare decisions not only for themselves, but also for their families. Yet women are significantly underrepresented in healthcare IT and in healthcare leadership roles. At Edifecs, we are working to change this. We have launched #WhatIRun in conjunction with Ryka to raise the visibility of women leaders and the great work they do. And we host regular #HersMeetUp networking events to support women and foster connections. Our goal is to catalyze change so that an industry with women at its core, elevates women to a position to make and drive the decisions that directly impact both them and their families.

For more information, visit WhatIRun.org