Career or calling? At Edifecs, it’s both

Why we do what we do

At Edifecs, we enable an effective healthcare ecosystem.  We wake up excited to take on new challenges and find ways to deliver simple solutions.  We delight in making this a better world through seamless integration of patients, providers, and payers.

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    “At Edifecs, I get to do what I love most, help people. Every day, I have the opportunity to effect positive change. I love making everyone’s day!”
    Rosa Caton
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    “I’ve been with Edifecs since 2003 and during my tenure I’ve watched our customers help transform the healthcare industry. It is tremendously rewarding to work with them to help make this change happen.”
    Sua Tan
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    “Edifecs is very diverse, but our values, vision and purpose are united. I am energized by my ability to make a difference in healthcare – to empower our teams to do their best work. Edifecs is an exceptional company.”
    Daniel Toscano
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    “I’ve been with Edifecs for 16 years – from our days as a startup to our transformation into a leader in the Healthcare IT space. Over the years, Edifecs has nourished a culture of innovation and passion that is driving its growth in the industry. I am proud to be a part of that.”
    Viren Prasad
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    “Being in customer support is rewarding because I get to work directly with our customers and see how our technology is working to meet business and healthcare goals.  I am exposed to many new challenges and learning opportunities to meet a rapidly evolving healthcare technology field.”
    Doug Clardy

Work Place Awards

Edifecs has ranked on multiple "best workplace" lists and continues to garner industry recognition for its technology leadership and customers' success

Edifecs Values

Our Cultural Manifesto

At Edifecs, we strongly believe that values are the backbone of our organization, they hold us together, give us resilience, and drive long term business outcomes. Therefore, we strive to live our values in everything we do and in all decisions that we make.

Edifecs Gratitude Project

It has been scientifically proven that there is a link between gratitude and happiness.  People who regularly express gratitude demonstrate greater satisfaction with their lives and exhibit higher degrees of happiness than those that don’t. So, we thought we’d take a moment to ask our associates, “What are you grateful for?”