Edifecs University Program

  •  “I love that everyone was so helpful and offered me mentorship and advice to learn and grow.”

    Tara – UND
  • “Some companies are hierarchical but Edifecs is more about the team working together.”

    Mayur – Columbia
  • “The free massages and meditation from the wellbeing center helped my productivity and focus during the internship.”

    Mehul – U-M
  • “It was great to meet with management including the CEO. It’s so cool that despite being busy he dedicated his time to get to know the interns.”

    Kamesh – UCI
  • “ I love that I am always being stimulated by new challenges. There is always something new to learn.”

    Cole – UW

Edifecs interns: tackle real-world projects, hit the ground running with scalable deliverables, participate in fun team activities, and challenge yourself in ways you never considered before.

How to Apply

Here is what you can expect as a current student or recent graduate:

Submit an application

Submit an application. If you are an intern candidate, be sure to include how many hours per week you can work and when you can start.

Phone screening

You will be contacted for a 20 to 30-minute phone screen with a recruiter. Have examples ready to share and be yourself!

Interview with hiring manager

Candidates will be invited to a 45 to 60-minute phone or face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. Either way, come ready to showcase your background and technical skills.

Panel Interview

Final candidates will meet with 3-5 potential Edifecs colleagues, managers and cross-functional team members for a half-day panel interview.

Although the application process and internship experience may vary at each global location we are all one Edifecs.

Check back frequently for new openings. Sign up for job alerts Even better! If you don’t see a role that exactly fit's your profile, then apply with our General Application.