Trust your compliance to a rock-solid industry leader

And experience the smoothest mandate transitions


How do you understand and plan for the massive risk the ICD-10 transition poses, while keeping operations running smoothly?


No matter where you are in the ICD-10 compliance timeline, Edifecs has the tools and capabilities to support you.

Quantifies real-world risk

Quantifies risk using an iterative approach to analytics during the migration to ICD-10 and beyond. Compares results using your own data, standards and organization-specific ICD-9 to ICD-10 maps, as well as MS- and APR-DRG groupers.

Ensures accurate code set mapping

Ensures accurate coding with a patented, ontology-based code mapping system that identifies complete and accurate mappings between the ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets. The easy-to-use interface and mapping wizard accelerate your outcomes.

Provides post transition analytics

Provides analytics throughout the lifecycle of the project. Actual coding can vary by provider and by facility, resulting in unexpected use and frequency of diagnosis groups. Understand how actual coding behavior compares to the planned code maps and better manage revenue and payment impacts.


The smoothest possible transition to ICD-10 is within reach.

Get visibility into the highest impact areas, focus resources where the highest risk exists, formulate coding and documentation plans, test internally and externally, and prepare contingency initiatives

Identify most the impacted code groups and focus resources there

Reduce inquiry costs that arise as a result of errors

Reduce ICD-10 transition risk and ensure continuity of operations