Our customers are one of our greatest assets. They inspire us. They critique us. They lead us. They lead the industry using Edifecs software to help manage healthcare coverage for more than 200 million people in the United States.

47 Blue Plans, 50 Commercial Plans, 70 Providers, 60% Public Sector

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Customer Quotes

"Over the past few years, we've laid the foundation for advanced data storage, expedited information processing and improved job precision. Edifecs Solutions have helped increasing performance, while actually enhancing accuracy. We have moved light years ahead in service efficiency." View »

-Kevin Sparks, Senior VP, Internal Operations and Group Executive

"This testing portal is so powerful and easy to use that it will be a no-brainer decision for teams to source test data from us versus creating it the hard way.View »

-Brad Green, Test Data Manager, Enterprise QA & Testing Services, BCBSMA IT

"Edifecs is helping us modernize our healthcare transaction channels so we can more easily tackle complex mandates such as HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 and future-proof our technology infrastructure for other health reform mandates that we will continue to face.  As a key component of our overall Blue Shield Advance vision, Edifecs is a valued and strategic partner.View »

-Anurang Revri, Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and eCommerce Solutions

"Centene prides itself on unfailing service and flawless technology, and we expect the same of our technology partners. Edifecs has provided not only a high degree of industry expertise and superior technology, but also an  amazing willingness to listen and work with us even before the contract was signed to ensure we had the optimum solution.View »

-Keith Hibbard, VP of Information Technology

"The success of ClearConnect has been achieved by providing our customers with easy-to-use systems and services which allow them to transact healthcare claims in the most efficient manner possible.  By adding Edifecs Ramp Management, we have extended that philosophy beyond our clients’ day-to-day production processes and into their testing and implementation processes.  ClearConnect is always looking for better ways to provide service to our customers. Our clients are the ones reaping the rewards of ClearConnect’s implementation of Edifecs Ramp Management.View »

-Laurie Clark, President, ClearConnect

"When it comes to meeting federal mandates, the healthcare industry holds CMS to a higher standard.  Given the sheer number of providers and rapidly increasing volume of transactions we support in any given year, it was important to select a proven solution with exceptional reliability and scalability.  Edifecs was a natural choice for us.View »

-John Evangelist, HETS Program Director

"Humana has maximized benefits from Operating Rules by achieving transparency and consistency on our benefits structure with the provider community. The Edifecs Operating Rules solution promises to help health plans in achieving this transparency with providers and document compliance for reporting purposes.View »

-Kim Peters, HIPAA EDI Program Manager

"MultiPlan has more than 300 trading partners and multiple EDI platforms as a result of merger activity.  Effectively managing the testing activity and demonstrating mandate compliance across such a complex ecosystem would have been incredibly difficult, if not impossible, without Edifecs.  It simplifies our partners’ workflow and provides unparalleled visibility into where each of them stand with their testing and compliance activities.View »

-Keith Bush, Sr. Vice President and CIO, MultiPlan

"Like most health plans, we face multiple government mandates, service-level thresholds and cost-containment pressures.  Edifecs was a natural choice for us not only solve to near-term challenges such as HIPAA 5010 compliance and low first-pass rates, but also provide a superior solution for longer-term needs like streamlining membership and benefits administration and enhancing end-to-end visibility and  reporting. With Edifecs, we have a partner that knows our business and provides the technology to support it.View »

-Cesar Rubert Colon, Vice President and CIO

"The Edifecs platform provides BCBSVT trading partners and groups with a ‘self-service’ website to validate their EDI files against HIPAA 4010 standards as well as BCBSVT business rules.  The platform also provides trading partners and groups with real-time reporting as BCBSVT processes their EDI files and HIPAA-level validation and error reporting that was not available with the current EDI platform.View »

-Bob West, Director of Core Applications