At Edifecs, we constantly challenge the status quo

To build leading healthcare IT solutions for the global marketplace

Our Story

We don’t just do it, we make it better. At Edifecs, we strive to improve every day. Our technology, our processes, our customer experience, our business. This means we take nothing for granted and constantly raise the bar on what we can achieve, then challenge ourselves to jump over it. The company was founded on these principles and they remain part of our DNA.

Our Edifecs story begins in 1997 when Sunny Singh, a passionate and savvy entrepreneur, decided to challenge the status quo—in this case, healthcare’s most burdensome, time consuming and wasteful problem: Paperwork. Consumers, patients, doctors, hospitals, employers and insurance companies were drowning in paper bills, paper referrals, paper explanations, and more paper.

An opportunity

With his team, Sunny could see an enormous opportunity. He knew they could apply their software experience and innovative ideas in electronic trading—gained from years of non-healthcare industry experience—to tackle the complex paper and transaction coding idiosyncrasies of the healthcare industry. 

It worked. And from a tiny office crammed with desks and a founding team, Edifecs launched a mission and has grown quickly ever since. Today, our breakthrough solutions solve difficult, transaction integration and exchange problems, helping our customers move past barriers to new levels of success and profitability.



Change creates momentum

Change is constant. And every decade, new technologies rise up to disrupt the status quo—creating a seismic shift that changes how business is conducted. Edifecs relishes these technology sea changes. We get energized by the prospect of creating data technology solutions that not only map to these seismic shifts, they anticipate the kind of end-to-end enterprise solutions our customers need now and into the future. As a result of this laser focus, Edifecs is recognized today as an industry frontrunner—a premier partnership platform for the healthcare ecosystem.


What’s next?

Edifecs is busy. We’re building algorithms, data structures, collaborative transaction communities and simple interfaces. We’re combining this with teams of solution professionals to drive faster insights in patient care quality. We’re focused on reducing administrative burdens for providers, insurance companies, large employers and pharmacy benefit management companies.

We’re expanding beyond our large North American footprint to deliver solutions worldwide. We’re also adapting our technologies for customers in other industry verticals. What began almost two decades ago as a solution for cleaning up the paper waste in the healthcare industry—now produces game-changing results for some of the biggest names in healthcare.

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